Philosophy & Mission

The role of the therapist is to walk with the client during challenging, confusing, and painful life experiences, all the while, seeing the person for who they are not what they have done or what others say about them. Therapy’s purpose is to provide a safe and comfortable environment that fosters hope and courage in the direction of change so that the client can find their full potential and achieve true happiness in life.

Beth Riehle-Biscan, LPC, NCC

About Me
I have extensive experience working with life trauma (addiction, domestic violence, and all forms of abuse). I integrate art therapy and mindfulness meditation with traditional psychotherapy to process emotional pain, to challenge negative behaviors, and to assist the individual in discovering personal strengths. I have shaped my education and working experience to acquire unique skills and techniques to enhance mental wellness. My primary goal when working with individuals and families is to listen and understand who they are, what they have experienced, to reveal their strengths and to instill hope, fostering optimal growth.

Personal Statement

My true passion is working with individuals whom are in need of hope, encouragement, and support to address difficult situations in their life. I strive to see people as individuals and to recognize their unique qualities and talents. I believe that everyone has the capacity for change and my role in this process is to walk with the individual throughout this challenging process. Human beings are creatures of habit; therefore, change is difficult for anyone. If you feel alone or defeated, then change is that much more challenging.